UFA Big Cottonwood Canyon Fire Station No. 108

Contract value

13,275 SF

Brighton, UT

Unified Fire Authority (UFA)

PGA&W (Bill Gould)


The Big Cottonwood Fire Station is operated by Unified Fire Authority in Salt Lake County, UT. Located near two world-class ski resorts, the personnel at this station are first-responders for avalanche, wildfire and backcountry ski accidents. Located midway up a narrow canyon road, this project site presented numerous hazards, including landslide/avalanche, long and extreme winter conditions, and precise material delivery management.

The station was one of several stations designed by PGA&W Architects and built by Zwick Construction. Each station brilliantly blends a mix of form & function, requiring specific attention to details of every part of the construction process. This facility has three large bays for fire apparatus, living quarters for personnel, a large common kitchen, public foyer, and features beautiful exterior finishes and landscaping to blend with the surrounding community it serves.

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